Belgians to enter Olympic Road Race without a plan
Aug 04 2016 07:58 pm CET

Belgians to enter Olympic Road Race without a plan
Belgians to enter Olympic Road Race without a plan

The Belgian team for the upcoming Olympic Men's Road Race in Rio de Janeiro will aim for a medal without following a specific strategic plan.

The members of the team believe that it may be too difficult to control this race and say that a plan isn't likely to work.

"A strategic plan? We don't really have one. On such a difficult course it's hard to support someone or expect support. It's everybody for himself and just see who has the best legs on the day," according to Tim Wellens.

Greg Van Avermaet spoke about his own chances, saying that he expects to give it his all despite the tough competition.

"I hope to become the Olympic champion. It's a small chance but the chance does exist, so I have to go for it 100 per cent," the rider said.

"I'm ready for it, mentally and physically. I feel stronger than ever. I showed that in the Tour and in San Sebastian. I don't just give up because the route is complicated. It's at the limit for me but if everything works out, I may have a chance to win Olympic Gold.

The Belgian believes that the problems caused by the route will affect all teams equally. "It will be difficult for all countries to control the race. As an attacker I may be able to take advantage from that. On such a strange route it's difficult to predict who will win. Many scenarios are possible.

Next to Wellens and Van Avermaet, the Belgian team for the road race consists of Philippe Gilbert, Laurens De Plus and Serge Pauwels.
Image: Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games logo



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