Dutch police recovers bikes of CCC Sprandi Polkowice
Apr 15 2017 07:25 pm CET

Dutch police recovers bikes of CCC Sprandi Polkowice

CCC Sprandi Polkowice has recovered the bikes that were stolen from them in the Netherlands. The team will be able to ride with their competition bikes, after they announced they were going to start with spare ones brought from Poland.

Dutch police have been able to recover most of the bikes that were stolen just days before the Amstel Gold Race. "Apparently thieves got scared, because the news about the burglary was spread widely across Europe," said the team's sports director Piotr Wadecki. They left most of the stolen bikes in the car, which they abandoned near Valkenburg. Two bikes and a few wheels are still missing, and we hope we will get them back too, but we are happy that most of the equipment was found.

"Police agreed to give our bikes to us, and the spare bikes arrived from Poland. Now we have an excess of equipment, but in this situation it’s a “problem” we like to have. Despite retrieving the bikes, the investigation is still ongoing and the officers are still looking for perpetrators."

The team, which will have its fourth consecutive participation in the Amstel Gold Race, also had some grateful words for the media and fans that propagated the information. "We really appreciate great work done by the local Police and we are very grateful for their help. We also want to thank everyone who spread the news on the Internet and social media. Even though all of our bikes are insured, we hope that this is the last time we had to deal with such an issue," he added.
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