Tour de France stage 2 crash: No significant injuries for Bardet, uncertainty for Domont
Jul 03 2017 01:45 am CET

Tour de France stage 2 crash: No significant injuries for Bardet, uncertainty for Domont

AG2R La Mondiale's Romain Bardet has not suffered any serious injuries in today's crash in the Tour de France. Teammate Axel Domont, also involved, did struggle to reach the finish.

The two French riders were both involved in the mass crash that took place at about 30 kilometers from the finish.

"I was in a good position. There was a bit of a chicane in the road, and everyone slammed on the brakes, so I was carried along by the riders in front of me. It’s never good to crash, but this was okay," said last year's runner-up Bardet.

"I hope I will have a good night’s sleep. I was able to get back up on my bike very quickly, and the whole team surrounded me, so I lost no time. It could have been much worse, and so our morale is excellent still.

"Sometimes you are not able to get up after a crash, and I am thinking particularly of my good friend Mika Chérel when I say that. I hope that Axel Domont, who was more injured in the crash than I was, will not suffer the effects too much tomorrow," he added.

Domont, meanwhile, did struggle to reach the end of the stage and may be an uncertainty for stage 3 on Monday.

"The x-ray did not detect any fractures," Domont confirmed. "But I had difficulty pushing the pedals at the end of the stage. After my shower and the first aid I have received, I already feel a little better.

"The final verdict will come tomorrow when I get on the bike again. Before the crash, I didn't think it would happen. I wanted to take a straighter short cut and not have to take the corner, but that didn't work. I was in Romain's wheel, and he was in the process of falling and taking me with him. About a dozen of us fell, all hitting our knees and things on the traffic island."
Photo of Romain Bardet (cropped) by AG2R La Mondiale



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