UCI reverses decision: No penalties for Rigoberto Uran and George Bennett
Jul 14 2017 01:43 pm CET

UCI reverses decision: No penalties for Rigoberto Uran and George Bennett

The UCI jury has decided to reverse its decision to hand out 20-second penalties to Rigoberto Uran, George Bennett and Serge Pauwels after Thursday's stage.

The three were all penalized for accepting bottles in the stage 12 final, which goes against the UCI rule dictating that feeding is prohibited during the last 20 kilometers.

The decision led to heavy criticism, especially as home rider Roman Bardet was not penalized despite having done the exact same thing as those that were given time penalties.

The UCI stuck to its decision on Thursday night but changed its mind early on Friday.

"In light of the inability of teams to resupply their riders before the last climb of stage 12 of the 2017 Tour de France due to specific circumstances of the race which had blocked vehicles, the UCI Commissaires Panel has decided to annul the penalties imposed on Serge Pauwels, George Bennett and Rigoberto Uran," the governing body announced.

Cannondale-Drapac manager Jonathan Vaughters, who was particularly vocal about the situation and hoping to revert the penalty of Rigoberto Uran, reacted with great surprise.

"Incredible news!!! @UCI_cycling has reversed decision!!! No penalty for Rigo!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!" the American tweeted.

The latest decision means that Rigoberto is now only 35 seconds behind race leader Fabio Aru in the overall standings, rather than 55. George Bennet is now 4'04" behind, rather than 4'24".
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