Nottinghamshire wants to catch the eye of viewers at Tour of Britain
Jul 24 2017 05:11 pm CET

Nottinghamshire wants to catch the eye of viewers at Tour of Britain
Nottinghamshire wants to catch the eye of viewers at Tour of Britain


The English county of Nottinghamshire is determined to catch the attention during the Tour of Britain and has called on its residents for some help.

It's not a secret that many viewers of big races like the Tour de France, tune in to get a glimpse of the astounding landscapes that helicopters catch during the race. The County Council of Nottinghamshire wants to create some land-art to get the attention of the millions of people that will be watching the Tour of Britain to encourage them to visit this part of the country.

On the 6th of September, the race will go through the county during the fourth stage and the council has made a call on the residents to create pieces of art that can be viewed from the helicopter camera. "There are so many ways people can get involved in this creative challenge to help celebrate the Tour of Britain coming through our county," said Councillor Kay Cutts.

"The idea of land art is that people turn fields, hills, market squares and even car parks into unusual art displays that celebrate their local community and tell the story of Nottinghamshire."

Cutts said that everybody can get involved and that art doesn't have to be too difficult to make. "Land art doesn’t have to be anything too complicated or ambitious. It can as simple as using hay bales to spell out ‘Welcome to Notts’ or arrange into a shape or image which would look impressive when viewed from the sky," he commented.

"In Nottinghamshire we have lots of icons and which might spark an idea for a more ambitious display - as it doesn’t necessarily have to be cycling themed. It would also be an ideal way to remind the world why Nottinghamshire is so vital when it comes to sport, history and legends."
Image: Tour of Britain logo.


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