Four riders extend contracts with BMC Racing Team
Jul 25 2017 07:28 pm CET

Four riders extend contracts with BMC Racing Team

Four riders have extended their contracts with BMC beyond the 2017 season. The riders bring experience and diversity to the team, as General Manager Jim Ochowicz said at the announcement.

Brent Bookwalter, Alessandro De Marchi, Michael Schär and Danilo Wyss were the riders that extended their contracts.

Bookwalter has been in the team since 2008 and is pleased to stay longer. "I've relished the chances to grow out of a pure worker role and have the opportunity to also race for personal results, leading the team when the opportunity arises. I know I have greater potential when it comes to this role within the team and am confident I have more to give," he said.

For De Marchi, the next year will be his fourth at the team. "I'm happy to continue with BMC Racing Team next year. I think it will be another year to find and understand my role in the team and I am happy to have the support from the team to do this. Firstly, I am focused on ending this season well as I think I am missing a good result and the kind of presence I want to have in the races. Of course, I then want to continue like this next year and deliver good results for myself and the team."

For Schär, staying at BMC for the eighth year makes him feel at home. "We have a great team and a good spirit. I have some good friends here and performance wise, we have the absolute best equipment. I feel very good in this team after so many years and I think I have proved myself through my performances since I started with the team. I'm looking forward to a good future with the team and a lot of nice moments in the Classics and the Grand Tours," he commented.

Wyss, meanwhile, will enter his tenth year at the formation. "The team is improving every year and I see a lot of big differences in BMC Racing Team now compared to when I started in 2008. I'm really happy to sign my contract after finishing my second Tour de France and I look forward to starting my eleventh year in 2018. I think we have a great team and I hope we will continue our good results for the rest of the season and into next year."
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