Ion Izagirre: My season is over but I will return stronger
Jul 29 2017 03:56 am CET

Ion Izagirre: My season is over but I will return stronger

Ion Izagirre (Bahrain Merida) has given a press conference in San Sebastian to talk about his injury, recovery and what the future will bring.

The rider crashed at the first stage of the Tour de France, during the rainy time trial. "At the beginning I didn't think it was very serious, I thought that it would be enough to take some rest and go home, but little by little I realised how serious it was, an injury close to the spine that needed surgery," said the rider.

"Then you think about all the sacrifices you made to get to the Tour and the world falls apart. Then when they tell you that everything is going to be fine and you will come back to racing, you focus on the recovery and leave everything bad behind."

Many riders crashed that day, the most serious being Izagirre and his fellow countryman Alejandro Valverde (Movistar). "I don't know why I fell, maybe the speed, the bad weather, and the curve was not in an ideal position. I had already watched Valverde fall, but he crashed going out of the curve while I did it on the way in," commented the Spaniard.

"More security was needed, there was no protection and I hit my legs. The fracture of the vertebrae was because of the compression and not of a direct hit. The fracture was very close to the spine and I needed surgery. I was scared at the beginning, it was my first surgery and in another country. But luckily everything turned out fine and I always had my masseur Ibai (Jimenez) and my family next to me."

The rider commented that at the moment he has four screws joined by rods, which were put there to release the vertebrae of tension and allow a proper healing. Doctors in Germany said that they will remove them in May of next year, but depending on the speed of the recovery, those dates could change.

"My season is over but I will return stronger and at 100%. I have a lot of work ahead of me. I haven't thought about dates, but we will go step by step," he affirmed.

"I don't know when I will come back, it will all depend on the x-rays they will take in August. For now, I am ready to start on the rollers, with a special dock to keep the back straight because I can't flex it yet. The objective is to keep the form, because I will spend many months out of competition."
Photo of Ion Izagirre by Team Bahrain-Merida




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