Alexander Kristoff: My next goal is the World Championships
Aug 06 2017 11:28 pm CET

Alexander Kristoff: My next goal is the World Championships

Alexander Kristoff has succeeded Peter Sagan as European Champion and his next objective is to take the victory at the World Championships in his home country, Norway.

At the end of the day, the Norwegian was slightly faster than Elia Viviani, who complained about Kristoff's move at the last moment. "Italy did a really good lead out, they had a strong team for the lead out for Viviani," said Kristoff at the end of the race.

"I started a bit earlier than him and I went to the right side. Then he tried to come to my side. I didn't feel that I did anything wrong but he tried to take a small hole and I didn't let him take it. So at the end we were really close and I think he was disappointed but I didn't think I did anything wrong because I felt my sprint was more or less straight."

The victory of Kristoff was one that had to be confirmed by photo finish. "I'm happy to be the winner and to win with such a small margin is always thrilling but it's great to be the winner," he commented.

The rest of the Norwegian team was instrumental in Kristoff's victory. "We had a strong team here and Edvald (Boasson Hagen) did a really good attack at the end. He almost won, so we had a good tactic there. We saw that in all the races all the late attacks made it to the final, so we wanted to try it with Edvald because we know he's a strong guy who can manage to do such a thing and it almost worked. And at the end he was caught with a kilometre to go and then I managed to take the sprint and it was great team work," the rider explained.

Now he wants to copy what Sagan did in the 2016 season and also win the World Championships, which will take place in Bergen. "My next goal is the World Championships for sure but now we will do enough races to try to win."
Photo of Alexander Kristoff by Mary Cárdenas /



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