Vuelta a España - Alberto Contador: Chris Froome does need to take more time
Aug 26 2017 12:30 am CET

Vuelta a España - Alberto Contador: Chris Froome does need to take more time
Vuelta a España - Alberto Contador: Chris Froome does need to take more time
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Alberto Contador survived another hectic day in the peloton, giving him little opportunity to recover from the difficult previous stage.

"Today has been a day that on the television looked like it was a calm one," he told COPE radio. "But it was a very nervous day because we didn't know if the wind was going to cause trouble. Yesterday was a very hard day and I think today all the riders noticed it.

"We just had to keep focus on the last climb and yesterday I was watching the images from 2006 and I knew it was a long way to the finish line. We didn't know if someone was going to make a move and at the end nobody did. So now it is time to recover for tomorrow."

The rider is starting to feel his energy levels drop, but is certain that his rivals are experiencing the same after the difficult days they have had to endure.

"You can feel the effort. This applies to all the riders in the Vuelta though, so we will have to see tomorrow how everybody is feeling. We will see how the stage is set."

The Spaniard believes that race leader Chris Froome is the strongest rider in the Vuelta but disagrees with the Briton, who said after stage 6 that he does not need to take a bigger advantage over his opponents.

"Froome says that he doesn't need to take more time, but I think that he needs to take more distance from the rivals because at the end any little mishap could allow the rivals to leave him behind. Even if evidently he is superior to most in the time trial, there is still most of the Vuelta to go, so I think if he has the chance he will attack because he needs to."

The weekend will feature two difficult stages, each of which including a short but steep climb either near or to the finish.

"I will have to see how I recover from these efforts. Today has been a really long day. I would say the next stages suit me, but I will have to wait to see if the legs respond."




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