Vuelta a España - Cannondale-Drapac won't change race plan after sponsorship news
Aug 29 2017 08:08 pm CET

Vuelta a España - Cannondale-Drapac won't change race plan after sponsorship news

Just a few days ago, Cannondale-Drapac announced that the continuation of the team is not certain due to lack of economic support. The riders of the team that are in the Vuelta a España have reacted in a "professional way."

Talking to, Sports Director Juanma Garate said that the news arrived as a surprise to everybody but the riders reacted appropriately. "The guys and the staff are a very close group in this team, we are a unit. And that unit, after the news of the team's problems, can't be anything but sad," he said. "But well, they are professionals, and they have shown that since the moment they received the news.

"Evidently when they heard about it after the eighth stage it was a difficult moment, but they have raised their hands, and they said 'we are going to continue and we will work hard, showing the world that we are here to win stages and do our best'. And that says a lot about them and about the staff."

The Director also commented that they are also making plans for the near future. "Everyone will occupy their free time trying to find something for the future and their families, but when they are working they are serious people."

When asked about a change of approach of the team in what is left of the Spanish Grand Tour, the Spaniard affirmed that everything will continue as planned. "It is clear that the team will continue in the Vuelta the way it was set from the start,"he explained. "And it didn't come imposed by anybody. They themselves have said that they want to continue with their plan, and they have confidence in the plan that was prepared for them.

"They will have opportunities that were already planned for each of them. We didn't have and don't have now the plan to sacrifice the team for one goal like the General Classification. The plan was that everybody would have a chance and that plan won't change."
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