Chris Froome may go for Giro d'Italia title
Sep 11 2017 02:18 pm CET

Chris Froome may go for Giro d'Italia title
Chris Froome may go for Giro d'Italia title
Photo of Chris Froome © Mary Cárdenas /

The current champion of the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España, Chris Froome, doesn't rule out going for Giro d'Italia title as well.

Even though taking his fifth title in the Tour de France is still his priority, the rider doesn't take the Giro off the table just yet. ""It's a big task to try to go for the Giro and it could compromise the Tour but I wouldn't write it off," he said to the BBC. "I'm sure the time will come when I will target the Giro."

The Kenyan-born will want to wait until all the courses of the three races are disclosed before taking any decisions. "A fifth Tour de France title will take my aim but it's early days and I'll wait to see what the Giro, Tour and Vuelta courses look like next year and sit down with my team to draw up the goals."

He also added that for him it would be "hard to not sign up for next year's Vuelta because it is a race I genuinely love."

The rider also commented on the possibility of riding the three Grand Tours in one season. "I wouldn't say it's impossible, nothing's impossible, but certainly it would take some doing."


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