Tom Dumoulin and Wilco Kelderman lead Sunweb at World Championships TTT
Sep 12 2017 02:27 am CET

Tom Dumoulin and Wilco Kelderman lead Sunweb at World Championships TTT

Team Sunweb will field a luxury squad led by Tom Dumoulin at the upcoming World Championships Team Time Trial in Bergen, which is set to take place on September 17th.

The Giro d'Italia champion will have the company of Wilco Kelderman, who recently showed his strength in the time trial at the Vuelta a España.

The teams will complete a route of 42.5 kilometres between Ravnanger and the center of Bergen. The circuit features a flat section in which the riders can get into their rhythm, followed by a climb, another flat section, a second climb and a cobbled section close to the end.

"This is a challenging course with various ups and downs and we line-up with a strong and motivated team from both our men's and women's programs," said coach Adriaan Helmantel. "Our scientific expert Teun van Erp made extensive analysis of the course based on a recon from earlier this year to determine the optimum rider order and pacing plan for Bergen."

The team will also include Sam Oomen and Lennard Kämna, riders that had to retire from the Vuelta due to illness. "Our men's program have just come out of a great Vuelta and some good racing in Canada so are in top shape," he continued. "Sam and Lennard both had to abandon the Vuelta and are fully recovered again and back on track for Bergen.

"Tom and Wilco have shown really strong TT's across the year with Tom winning the Giro's time trial and Wilco finishing 2nd in the Vuelta's TT. To round off the team we have Søren and Michael who are more explosive riders with the characteristics needed for a course of this nature. Our scientific expert Teun van Erp, has prepared extensive analysis of the course to ensure that."

Sunweb's complete men's team for the TTT: Søren Kragh Andersen, Tom Dumoulin, Lennard Kämna, Wilco Kelderman, Michael Matthews and Sam Oomen.

The complete women's team for the TTT: Lucinda Brand, Ellen van Dijk, Leah Kirchmann, Floortje Mackaij, Coryn Rivera and Sabrina Stultiens.
Photo of Team Sunweb © Wouter Roosenboom | Team Sunweb



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