Egan Bernal chooses Coppa Italia over World Championships
Sep 14 2017 04:11 pm CET

Egan Bernal chooses Coppa Italia over World Championships
Egan Bernal chooses Coppa Italia over World Championships
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Egan Bernal will not take part in the upcoming World Championships with the Colombian team in order to help his current team Androni Giocattolli-Sidermec win a spot for the upcoming Giro d'Italia.

The Colombian, who will join Team Sky in 2018, has chosen to take part in the Coppa Bernocchi to help his team defend its lead in the Coppa Italia and eventually getting a spot in the 2018 Giro d'Italia, a main objective of the squad and the sponsors.

"Yesterday in the Coppa Agostoni we tried to ride hard for (Francesco) Gavazzi and at the end he finished third so we are happy about this result," said the rider to the Italian website Spazio Ciclismo.

"The most suitable races for me come later, but these ones are crucial to the Coppa Italia, so I will try to do my best for my team and at the same time get some rhythm for me ahead of the next races."

The rider was in the Colombian preselection for the road race of the World Championships of Bergen, but he now prefers to aid the team that helped him step into professional cycling. "I skip the World Championships to stay with the team in the last races of the season," he commented.

"I will contribute with my work and my achievements to win the Coppa Italia in order to make sure that Gianni Savio (General Manager) and my teammates are certain to take part in the Giro d'Italia next season."



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