Ellen van Dijk: We were the underdog and now we're world champions
Sep 18 2017 01:34 am CET

Ellen van Dijk: We were the underdog and now we're world champions
Ellen van Dijk: We were the underdog and now we're world champions
Photo of Team Sunweb

Sunweb has won the women's World Championships team time trial for the first time, rewarding itself for the solid preparation ahead of the event.

Lucinda Brand, Leah Kirchmann, Floortje Mackaij, Coryn Rivera, Sabrina Stultiens and Ellen van Dijk completed the 42.5-kilometre circuit in 55 minutes and 41 seconds. "It was a really tough course and it was so important not to over pace on the climbs as you blow up the whole team, so we really focused on that," said van Dijk after the podium ceremony. "That was our strength, we kept it really smooth and it was feeling good all the way. We used each others strengths all the way, and we took the win which is incredible.

"This year we really didn't expect to go for the win but when you do it really as a team like this and use each others strengths in such a good way it's such a satisfying feeling. We were the underdog and now we're world champions."

Sunweb's coach Hans Timmermans praised the work of the six riders. "It was an amazing race today," he commented. "It really was ultimate teamwork to win a TTT in this way, especially looking how we paced it perfectly, giving some time in the beginning but bringing it back at the end. Every rider knew what to do, like Sabrina and Floortje went off on a certain moment for one last suicide pull, according to our plan, they did it to their very very best.

"Ellen was very strong but I have to say there was no weak link in this six rider team. We've trained and prepared a lot for this, the commitment was there and I think everybody believed in it. You could feel already in the last few days that everybody was confident and in the end getting this reward shows what we've done the whole year, that we're the best team with a capital T."



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