Parasite puts an end to Fabio Felline's season
Sep 20 2017 11:34 am CET

Parasite puts an end to Fabio Felline's season
Parasite puts an end to Fabio Felline's season


Fabio Felline has had to put an immediate end to his season due to the illness that also took him out of the Tour de France.

The Italian was diagnosed with toxoplasmosis after he had to abandon at the 8th stage of the French Grand and now the same parasite has forced him to stay out of competition for what is left of the season.

At the time of the Tour de France, the blood values of the rider showed that he had almost gotten rid of the disease on his own and later tests indicated that the parasite seemed to be gone. But after he started training hard, something seemed to be wrong.

"I can train hard, that’s not the problem, but it takes me 2 or 3 days to recover from an intensive effort and that’s not normal," said Felline. "In the races I have done after the Tour, I felt immediately I could not go as deep as I wanted and after the races I always felt really weak.

Nino Daniele, team doctor, confirmed why the rider wasn't feeling good after hard efforts. "A new blood test confirmed Felline’s body is still fighting against the parasite. The only thing he can do now is rest, rest and rest," he explained. "So the best thing was to take him off the roster for the next races and to end his season to give his body the chance to recover completely."

The rider is disappointed, but he understands what has to be done at the moment. "Of course, I would have preferred to end the season in a better way," he commented. "I had a good first part of the season and I wanted to confirm my good shape with some results in the second part as well.

"Unfortunately, my body decided otherwise. Now I will take a long rest and I hope to heal up quickly because I have my mind set on 2018 already. I hope I can start preparing the next season as soon as possible. I have proven in the past I could come back stronger after an injury and I will do that again!"
Photo of Fabio Felline (cropped) by Trek-Segafredo



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