Tom Dumoulin wins World Time Trial Championships
Sep 20 2017 11:56 pm CET

Tom Dumoulin wins World Time Trial Championships
Tom Dumoulin wins World Time Trial Championships
Photo of Tom Dumoulin © Wouter Roosenboom | Team Sunweb

Tom Dumoulin has taken the title at the Individual Time Trial of the World Championships. The Dutchman was almost a minute faster than Primoz Roglic, who took the second place ahead of Chris Froome.

The Men Elite time trial was 31 kilometres of which the last 3.4km consisted of a climb up Mount Fløyen. This ascent had an average gradient of 9.1 percent and occasionally reached more than 10 percent.

Considering the steep climb at the end, it was possible to change from a time trial bicycle to a road bike. It was a challenge for some riders while others tried to take advantage as well as possible.

Slovenian Jan Tratnik was one the of the first riders to spend a significant amount of time in the hot seat after finishing the circuit in 46 minutes and 24 seconds. The rider to remove him from that position was Dutchman Wilco Kelderman, who was nine seconds faster at the finish line.

The rider changed his bike and won back time on the climb, finishing the route in 46 minutes and 15 seconds.

The big favourite for the public, Edvald Boasson Hagen chose to do the entire circuit with a road bike that included some aerodynamic elements, but it wasn't enough to finish in a good position as he completed the course in 46 minutes and 52 seconds.

The next rider to get in the hot seat was Nelson Oliveira after finishing the race five seconds faster than Kelderman. Vasil Kyryienka and Gianni Moscon were very close but were less than a second slower than the Portuguese rider.

When the last ten riders were already en-route, rain started pouring down on them and caused Australian Rohan Dennis to crash, which made him lose any chance of finishing on the podium. Of the favourites to get the time trial title, only Primoz Roglic changed the bike before the start of the climb.

The Slovenian was the next to set the best time by crossing the finish line 30 seconds faster than Oliveira. Chris Froome arrived shortly after, finishing the circuit in 46 minutes and 2 seconds, taking the bronze medal.

Tom Dumoulin, one of the day's favourites, showed his strengths in this kind of competition by completing the route in 44 minutes and 41 seconds, 57 seconds faster than Roglic. The Dutchman takes the Individual Time Trial victory for the first time in his career and becomes the first rider of the Netherlands to win this competition.




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