Laurens De Plus: It's a miracle that I even survived
Oct 10 2017 06:16 pm CET

Laurens De Plus: It's a miracle that I even survived
Laurens De Plus: It's a miracle that I even survived
Photo of Laurens de Plus ©BrakeThrough Media

In the aftermath of the chaotic Il Lombardia, more details keep surfacing about one of the most visible victims of the race: Laurens De Plus.

Although at least four riders suffered crashes in the same stretch of the Italian race, the fall of De Plus was the only one that was broadcasted and left cycling fans wondering about the condition of the rider. It was later known that he sustained fractures and bruises, but nothing as bad as the images suggested.

"I'm the luckiest man in Belgium," said the rider to Belgian broadcaster Sporza. "You could say it is a miracle that I don't have any worse injuries or that I even survived."

De Plus described the moment of the crash: "I knew this part, but because of the fatigue I guess I took the curve incorrectly. I knew immediately that it was not good and that I would have serious injuries," he explained.

"That moment was as though time stood still. I even thought this might be my last time on a bike, but in the fall I could hold onto a tree. It was also lucky that I fell in between the trees."

"I called for help, but the communication was no longer available in my ear. At the end, Dries (Devenys) found me and called the doctors. They hooked me up and took me out with ropes because I couldn't move. I was also shivering because of the shock."

The rider will have to walk with crutches for two weeks and in a month he can resume training on the bike.