Spanish province of Biscay wants to host World Championships
Oct 10 2017 07:05 pm CET

Spanish province of Biscay wants to host World Championships
Spanish province of Biscay wants to host World Championships

The Spanish province of Biscay (Bizkaia) has announced its intentions of hosting the UCI Road World Championships.

The spokesman of the Juntas Generales or the representative assemblies of this province of the Basque Country region, Javier Ruiz, confirmed that a proposal has been presented to the local parliament to start the efforts to bring these competitions back to Spain and for the first time in this particular province.

Ruiz explained why he and his party believe that this event would be a success for the province. "It is a competition of great dimension in all the senses with around 1.500 participants spread in different modalities- male and female, time trials and U23. Around 6000 people are accredited of which 1000 are journalists," said the spokesman to Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

"More than 73 television broadcasters show it all over the world which signifies 500 hours of only tv broadcasting, to which radio and written press would have to be added. In total, the audience would be of 300 million people. The diffusion is huge."

The eventual organisation of the World Championships would have to invest 10 million Euros but Ruiz thinks that it "could be less because our road network is in a very good state."

"We would have to see it as an investment because all that will come back. It will have an economic impact which could be around the 30 million that Copenhague has received in return, the 58 million of Ponferrada or the 93 of Richmond."

The last time the World Championships took place in Spain was in 2004 in Ponferrada.
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