Dutchman to attempt breaking Bradley Wiggins' hour record
Oct 11 2017 02:08 pm CET

Dutchman to attempt breaking Bradley Wiggins' hour record
Dutchman to attempt breaking Bradley Wiggins' hour record
Photo of Dion Beukeboom (cropped) by Nicola - License: Cc-by-sa 4.0

Dutch track cyclist Dion Beukeboom has announced that he will attempt to break the hour record that currently is held by Bradley Wiggins.

Since the change of rules set by the UCI in 2014 for the hour record, many riders have attempted to set new records. Under these new rules, the riders need to be part of the biological passport program and they have to ride standard bikes for endurance track events.

Beukenboom wants to follow riders like Jens Voigt, Matthias Brändle, Rohan Dennis, Alex Dowsett and Wiggins in completing the biggest distance in one hour.

The Dutchman first talked about his objective with motion scientist Jim van den Berg, who also helped Thomas Dekker in his attempt of 2015. "You are a nice guy, but you have to stay realistic," were the first words he said to the rider.

Beukenboom agrees that it is an ambitious goal that can't be correlated to Wiggins'. "You can't compare me with someone that has won five times Olympic gold and a Tour de France," the rider explained.

After working together, Van den Berg now thinks the type of Beukenboom fits the kind of cyclist that can break the current record. "He knows my ability and I have done an aerodynamic test with him," Beukenboom said. "What Wiggins has done in London is phenomenal, but it could be even faster."

The rider will try to break the hour record next August in the velodrome of Aguascalientes, Mexico, which is 2000 meters high and can provide an advantage due to the lower air resistance.

Beukeboom believes he also has the time on his advantage because he only has to prepare for the World Championships while road racers have to do the preparation in between races. "It's not something you can do in between because it takes a lot of preparation. I can focus for an entire year for that day."

Wiggins hour record was set in the Lee Valley VeloPark in London on the 7th of June of 2015. The rider covered a distance of 54.5 kilometres in sixty minutes on a Pinarello Bolide HR bike.



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