Tom Boonen is in 'negotiations' to work with Quick-Step Floors
Oct 12 2017 09:19 pm CET

Tom Boonen is in 'negotiations' to work with Quick-Step Floors
Tom Boonen is in 'negotiations' to work with Quick-Step Floors


Tom Boonen has stated that he is currently in negotiations with Quick-Step Floors to work with them from 2018.

The Belgian former rider has been enjoying a well-deserved rest since his good-bye at Paris-Roubaix. "I have more free time and life is different, but the days are still well filled," said the rider at the presentation of his new book 'Years of admiration'.

"After my career ended, I didn't want to do 'too much' for at least half a year. I've already spent more energy over the past few months and that has been a good thing for me. Until the end of this year, that will be the case. But I have also been busy."

The rider doesn't want to keep resting in his house for long and is already preparing for what the future may bring. "I try to stay off the bike twice a week, but I don't always get it," he commented.

"Now I'm looking forward to the future. I'm in advanced negotiations with the team (Quick-Step Floors) to do something for them. We will see how that turns out."
Photo of Tom Boonen (cropped) © BrakeThrough Media


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