Brazilian Nicolas Sessler moves to Burgos-BH
Oct 16 2017 02:34 pm CET

Brazilian Nicolas Sessler moves to Burgos-BH
Brazilian Nicolas Sessler moves to Burgos-BH

Brazilian Nicolas Sessler has confirmed his move to Burgos-BH. The rider is one of the new signings for the Spanish team, which will become ProContinental in 2018.

The 23-year-old comes from team Lizarte, though he could test himself in the summer as a stagiaire at Israel Cycling Academy. With this team, he spent eight days in professional competition and did a good job at the Pro Ötztaler 500, a one-day race in Austria.

"I'm very thankful with the Cycling Academy for giving me this opportunity," said the rider. "I've enjoyed racing with them and it gave me a confidence boost to realise that despite having a lot to learn and improve, I can fit in the professional peloton."

Sessler studies Enterprise Administration and Economy, is a polyglot and rode at the highest level of the mountain bike until he moved to Belgium and abandoned the sport for road cycling. During his time at Lizarte, the Brazilian took 18 top 10 spots in 39 days of competition.

"I haven't been able to celebrate in the entire year, but I've always been there," he commented. "I think that is my main characteristic: the regularity. I'd also say that I'm a climber. I do my best when it gets the hardest. That's why I think I can perform in stage races and long days with many climbs."

Now the rider can prove himself in the professional peloton, in a move that has him very excited. "Everyone that is in the amateur peloton dreams of becoming professional," Sessler explains. "Now I realised I've made it and I feel privileged and thankful to every person that has helped me to get to this point."



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