Romain Bardet favours uncertainty in Tour de France route
Oct 17 2017 02:34 am CET

Romain Bardet favours uncertainty in Tour de France route
Romain Bardet favours uncertainty in Tour de France route
Photo of Romain Bardet by the A.S.O.

Considering the rumours of cobbles and climbing time-trials for the 2018 Tour de France, Romain Bardet (AG2R La Mondiale) has said that he is in favour of everything that makes the race unpredictable.

The rider has finished second and third in the last two editions of the French Grand Tour and thinks that anything unpredictable makes it good. "I am in favour of anything that can make the race more uncertain," he said in an interview with L'Equipe.

"The safety of the riders must not be endangered or make the race into a lottery, but apart from that, we will all win with an unpredictable race. Cobbles, dirty and difficult roads make it an uncertain outcome and this makes the race more interesting and takes the contenders out of their comfort zone."

Even though he could be the victim of these circumstances, Bardet thinks obstacles in the race only make it more interesting. "I'm a young rider and I'd like to ride on those terrains. You have to get the riders to take risks, to think quickly for themselves and avoid the status quo. There's nothing worse than the status quo," he commented.

The Frenchman doesn't regret not attacking Chris Froome when the latter suffered a mechanical problem and is still relieved about saving his third spot despite having a bad time trial on the penultimate day of competition. "I came across a bad day in an event that is not my favourite discipline," Bardet explained.

"On a normal day, I would never take time on the favourites but at least I wouldn't lose much. In any case, I would never give up on my abilities as a climber to improve the time trial. It is not the way that I've built myself as a rider."