Patrick Lefevere: We are a family, Sky is like a factory
Oct 24 2017 04:58 am CET

Patrick Lefevere: We are a family, Sky is like a factory
Patrick Lefevere: We are a family, Sky is like a factory
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Paul De Geyter and Patrick Lefevere, CEOs of Lotto-Soudal and Quick-Step Floors, got together to talk about Peter Sagan, Philipe Gilbert, Chris Froome and Team Sky.

The two managers joined up for an interview with Belgian broadcaster Sporza where they opened up about several aspects of the sport. To start with, they were asked about the three-times World Champion Peter Sagan.

"Personally, I find him too artificial. It seems like he's coming out of a booklet," said De Geyter. "I don't believe that just after you won a World Title you think about the refugees in your country. I've worked together with riders for years and at such moments you think of many things, but nothing like that. It was dictated through the earpiece. It's a shame because Sagan is a nice guy with a very nice style."

"He's a good rider. He is managed by a marketing agency, but the public is swallowing that," added Lefevere.

When asked if they would buy Sagan if they would have the means to it, the answer of the CEOs was unanimous."I would not buy him. He'd bring 11 people with him and then you get a team within the team, which would disturb the rest that we have on the team," explained Lefevere.

"I wouldn't do it, look at Bora-hansgrohe. Sagan dominates the team and that involves serious risks. To create islands in the teams is never good," continued the Lotto-Soudal chief.

Talking about the rider of the year and with names like Philipe Gilbert and Chris Froome on the table, both have their opinions. "I'd say Gilbert," De Geyter pointed out. "Look at his character, his talent, his winning mentality and his victories. He is the man of the season for me."

"That is the way Gilbert wins and his position in the team. Everybody looks up to him," replied Lefevere. "But apart from the classics, I'd choose Froome. It's been a while since anybody won the Tour and the Vuelta. But there is something very stoic about the team. Our team has more fire."

Talking about Team Sky, both team CEOs have an opinion on their budget and the way things work at the British formation. "They have a head start. With such a budget, the double of other teams, it's not hard," commented the Quick-Step director. "It is an unequal struggle, but I don't see any more smiling faces there than on our team. We are a family, Sky is more like a factory. With us, things are more human and it tastes differently."

"Many riders want to go to Sky, feeling they'd get 20 or 30 percent better, but then many riders come back. You have to be a special figure to function there and everything is organised very strictly. 'Big brother is watching you'".