Emakumeen Bira race angry at Tour de California date change
Oct 28 2017 04:30 pm CET

Emakumeen Bira race angry at Tour de California date change
Emakumeen Bira race angry at Tour de California date change
UCI Women's World Tour

The organisation of the Emakumeen Bira has shown its disagreement with the UCI Women's WorldTour Calendar.

The Spanish race is set to take place between the 19th and the 22nd of May and now those dates coincide with the Amgen Tour of California. It was agreed that the American race would happen between the 10th and the 13th of May but it has now been moved to start on the 17th of May and finish on the 19th.

The organisation of the Emakumeen Bira claims that these changes were not discussed with them by the UCI. "The UCI Road Department contacted us through the Spanish Federation to consult about this, but they have decided this change without our knowledge," it said through its Facebook page.

"We have been informed by a friend. The UCI doesn't respect us. We are very annoyed. It is not serious to overlap two races of the same WWT category."

The 2018 edition of the race will be the first on the WorldTour Calendar and had already changed dates to avoid a clash with the Tour of California, but now they know the participation will be less. "(The original plan was) to start our race on Saturday and finish it on Tuesday to give more time to riders for travel and accommodate to the hour change coming from California, and now those plans are not valid," continued the message.

"What can we do now? There are some teams telling us that they will come to our race, including American squads like Cylance. But this is not the point. Women's races need a better treatment."



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