Alberto Contador: I don't regret this farewell
Nov 06 2017 07:53 pm CET

Alberto Contador: I don't regret this farewell
Alberto Contador: I don't regret this farewell
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Just days after his last day as a professional cyclist, Alberto Contador (Trek-Segafredo) said that it was a good time to leave racing.

The three-time winner of the Vuelta a España and twice champion of the Tour de France and Giro d'Italia is enjoying retirement. "As a cyclist, you are constantly busy with the smallest things, even when you are off the bike," he said to the Italian Gazzetta dello Sport. "After a four-hour training session, you have to rest and take care of your diet. These are the things that allow you to win big races.

"Mentally, that's a hard-to-live life. I've done for 15 years, but now it's a relief to stop being a slave to all those little details. Cycling has been a great part of my life, but certainly not everything. That makes the decision to stop at 34 a bit easier. I don't regret this farewell."

Talking about his favourite races, the Italian Grand Tour has a special place in the memory of the rider. "In addition to my first Tour de France victory, my first one in the Giro d'Italia will always be my favourite," he explained. "In 2008 I was on a holiday when I was called for the Giro.

"I almost didn't know the country or the race, but I won it. It was an emotional moment for me and that made it extra special."

When it's about Contador's favourite rider that was with him in the peloton, he also has a clear answer. "I was a big (Marco) Pantani fan. I studied him on video because with him you knew something could always happen in the race," the Spaniard commented. "He played strongly on the emotions of the fans. One day he would lose minutes and the other he gave everything in an all-or-nothing attack.

"I met him during one of my first races. In the Amorebieta GP, I went to ride next to him and briefly introduced myself. He responded very kindly. Marco was a real example to me. Perhaps I've taken over his way of riding and I would also prefer to risk everything instead of getting a second or third place."




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