Julian Arredondo undergoes surgery to recover leg power
Nov 19 2017 11:41 pm CET

Julian Arredondo undergoes surgery to recover leg power
Julian Arredondo undergoes surgery to recover leg power
Photo by ASO/A.Broadway

Colombian rider Julian Arredondo has undergone surgery to his piriformis muscle with the objective of regaining the strength that he has lost in his legs.

The rider topped the Mountains Classification of the 2014 Giro d'Italia and what looked like a promising career became a nightmare when his performances went downhill. Arrendondo moved to Nippo-Vini Fantini from Trek-Segafredo this season but still couldn't find a solution for a problem that eventually left him without a contract for 2018.

After his good performance at the 2014 Italian Grand Tour, Arrendondo started feeling pain and numbness in his legs and feet. "I went through the worst, now I'm hoping for the better," said the rider to Colombian newspaper El Colombiano. "People used to tell me that my problem was in the head, that that was where I was failing, but I knew that it wasn't like that."

The rider was diagnosed with Piriformis syndrome, a contracture that puts pressure on the sciatic nerve and creates weakness in the legs. "That's why I was not capable of pedaling. I didn't have strenght in the right leg and I had a back pain that was almost unbearable," he explained.

"I was in the United States, Spain and Italy with osteopaths, biomechanics and physiotherapists, but nobody could figure out what was happening to me. I couldn't finish the races and as a last resort, I decided to go to the Colombian doctor Luis Eduardo Contreras, who after several studies and along with other specialists, found out that I have an enlargement in the piriformis muscle and that's where the problem was. The only way was to have surgery and I didn't think twice about it."

The rider doesn't have a contract for the 2018 season and now faces 20 weeks of almost complete rest that will be followed by rehabilitation. Arredondo states that for now he's just focusing on his recovery and that time will tell whether he can go back to his 2014 level.



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