U23 Colombian champion after positive doping test: Nairo Quintana was not aware of this
Nov 23 2017 04:27 pm CET

U23 Colombian champion after positive doping test: Nairo Quintana was not aware of this
U23 Colombian champion after positive doping test: Nairo Quintana was not aware of this
Photo by ASO/A.Broadway

Under 23 Colombian national champion Robinson Lopez, who tested positive in a doping test during the Vuelta a Colombia, has stated that he thought he was taking vitamins.

The rider accepts the result and claims that he was fooled into taking the CERA, third-generation EPO. "It was all a part of a trick that was played on me," he said to Colombian newspaper El Tiempo. "A person advised me, but they did it very badly and gave me some supposed vitamins that I took without knowing what I was putting in my body.

"I didn't have any idea that those vitamins were really a prohibited substance, because I didn't mean to take any of those substances, and now my career is tarnished by this situation."

Lopez claims that he took the 'vitamins' one month after the Vuelta a Colombia but that nobody in his team knew about this. "The person that gave me the vitamins isn't part of the team Boyaca Raza de Campeones and is not even close to the squad," he explained. "My trainers and Nairo Quintana were taken by surprise by my positive test and I would do anything to save the team for them.

"The squad didn't have anything to do with what I did. I did this on my own and nobody knew. My teammates, my trainers, Nairo; nobody was aware of this and I would like to apologise to them because they have always supported me since I arrived at the team. I regret this a lot."

The rider doesn't know how much time he is going to be out of competition or what his future looks like anymore. "I talked to the UCI and told them that I was willing to cooperate with everything they ask to make my sanction shorter. And I also would want to raise awareness for a cleaner sport so that younger riders that come after me don't trust people who claim to be friends."

"I had a contract with the Italian team Unieuro Trevigiani-Hemus and now it is cancelled. So what I have to do now is to cooperate with the UCI and keep fighting and getting stronger to keep my career."

The team Boyaca es Para Vivirla has been supported in the past by Nairo Quintana.



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