Israel Cycling Academy to ride De Rosa bicycles in 2018
Nov 30 2017 05:54 pm CET

Israel Cycling Academy to ride De Rosa bicycles in 2018
Israel Cycling Academy to ride De Rosa bicycles in 2018
Photo by Israel Cycling Academy - Noa Armon.

De Rosa has announced that it will be the official bike sponsor of Israel Cycling Academy in 2018.

The bicycle company is going to provide three different frames for the most international team in the peloton, with 24 riders from 16 countries and five continents.

The Protos frame will be for the all-round riders, the SK Pininfarina is for the sprinters and the King is perfect for the climbers. "Israel Cycling Academy is a new project, of a team without borders, built with a brand new philosophy," said Cristiano De Rosa, administrator of the brand.

"They selected top-level riders, the made a competitive line-up, with a desire for victory, but Ambassadors of a peace message. As a brand of bicycles, this sponsorships give us the chance also to us to be Ambassadors of a message of peace, riding on Italian bikes."

Team and brand believe that this is a great choice for the riders, who have been honoured by the 16 official diplomats of each country for the role of 'peace ambassadors'. "The choice of the team to have Italian know-how and design I think is because our country has big experience and culture in cycling," De Rosa explained.

"The Israel Cycling Academy project has a multi-cultural soul, but have chosen to build his basis on Italian frames using the Italian technology and the design."



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