Nacer Bouhanni: After the Yorkshire crash, I couldn't see at 100 percent
Dec 03 2017 02:15 am CET

Nacer Bouhanni: After the Yorkshire crash, I couldn't see at 100 percent

Nacer Bouhanni affirmed that he has spent most of his 2017 season with vision problems caused by the crash and concussion that he suffered during the Tour de Yorkshire.

The Frenchman fell at 25 kilometres from the finish line during the last stage of the British race, suffering a concussion that left him with vision problems that are now finally cured.

"I can assure that now I'm completely cured after having medical tests with doctors of the University Hospital of Nancy-Brabois. And it feels good to know, trust me!," said the rider to French website Cyclism'Actu. "After the serious fall in the Tour de Yorkshire last April, what nobody knew is that apart from the 20 days of mandatory rest because of my head trauma, is that the optic nerve of my eyes was damaged.

"By that, I mean that I just saw badly. I did not have a 100 percent sight. And sometimes, with the state of fatigue, I happened to see double. Basically, I almost lost my sight."

The rider has taken part in races, including Grand Tours, with limited eyesight. "During the Tour de France I didn't see at 100 percent. I had a visual impairment as many cyclists have, you know," he explained. "Sometimes indeed when I was tired I saw double but fortunately it rarely happened to me in that race.

"I was not a public danger on the bike and during sprints because I didn't see at 100%. I have always been vigilant and focused on the different races that I participated in this season after my accident."

But to his relief, the doctors have now confirmed that he is completely healed. "After 7 months of doubt, where I haven't been able to talk about it openly to anyone other than my Cofidis team, it has been confirmed that I have my visual faculties at 100 percent," Bouhanni commented. "Doctors told me after the fall that my recovery was going to take 12 months, so you will understand my relief to see that after only 7 months everything is finally fine concerning my eyes."

"I can't wait to get back in competition and start this 2018 season at 100 percent of my physical abilities. I will finally be able to defend my chances thoroughly. But now it's up to me to prove in racing what I'm worth, above all."
Photo of Nacer Bouhanni (cropped) by Cofidis




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