Quick-Step Floors presents 2018 kit
Dec 07 2017 06:49 pm CET

Quick-Step Floors presents 2018 kit
Quick-Step Floors presents 2018 kit
Quick-Step Floors jersey ©Sigfrid Eggers

Quick-Step Floors has presented its new kit for the 2018 season. The design will remain similar with some added notes to make the riders recognisable in the peloton.

The most successful team of the past 15 years with more than 600 victories in UCI races will feature royal blue and some new sleek details like the name of the rider and the "Wolfpack" team, which has become the mantra of the formation since sports director Brian Holm coined it a few years ago.

"It’s a really beautiful jersey, elegant and a bit more vintage than in the last years," said Bob Jungels. "I love it! I also like how ‘The Wolfpack’ has become a visual thing now and is part of the jersey.

"It’s already a sign, a symbol of our team, it’s unity and I think that it represents the squad really well. I’m super excited about the new kit and I can’t wait to show it in my first race of next year."

The kit has been produced by technical sponsor Vermarc Sport, who has been working with the team since 2003 and has signed for two more years. "Straight from the start of the team, my father, Frans Verbeeck, was convinced that the collaboration would be a big opportunity for Vermarc Sport," said Marc Verbeeck, CEO of the company.

"From that day until now, the partnership became a fruitful win-win situation for both parties with a big emotional value."

"We feel fortunate to be able to present our 2018 outfit together with Vermarc Sport, who once again makes sure our riders will be clothed with state of the art cycling apparel," added Quick-Step's CEO Patrick Lefevere. "Wearing blue is how we are recognized in the bunch, just as we want it to be. We are an aggressive team, a winning team, and we don’t want to hide in the bunch."

"Vermarc Sport has been part of the team since its inception. It is a story of mutual benefits in which we help them in developing and optimizing their products through continued feedback and they help us going faster on the roads. And with the team’s success, Vermarc Sport has, of course, enjoyed great exposure worldwide along with our other sponsors."




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