LottoNL-Jumbo: We almost couldn't wake up Juan Jose Lobato
Dec 16 2017 01:28 pm CET

LottoNL-Jumbo: We almost couldn't wake up Juan Jose Lobato
LottoNL-Jumbo: We almost couldn't wake up Juan Jose Lobato
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The three riders of LottoNL-Jumbo who were excluded from the training camp for taking sleep medication could face more serious consequences.

Juan Jose Lobato, Antwan Tolhoek and Pascal Eenkhoorn were caught using unprescribed sleep medication during the training camp of the Dutch team in Girona, Spain. Now the team explained in detail what happened.

Eenkhoorn was found with a confused attitude in a corridor of the hotel, after which team leader Merijn Zeeman went to look for Tolhoek who was in his room acting in an unusual manner. What really raised the alarms was the finding of Lobato sleeping in his bed but unable to wake up.

"We saw that he was asleep and we tried to wake him up, but we didn't succeed," said Zeeman to Dutch broadcaster NOS. "At one point a lot of us were pulling Lobato, but he didn't respond," added team manager Richard Plugge.

The team doctor advised them to call an ambulance to take the riders to the hospital. Meanwhile, Lobato woke up and could manage to get into the ambulance by himself. The three riders were examined and dismissed the same night.

After arriving to the hotel, the three were expelled from the training camp and may now even face the dismissal from the team. "We will now take distance and put all the facts together, separating them from the emotions," commented Zeeman. "The other riders are really angry at the three and what they have done. This goes against the top sport that we are practising."



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