UCI to test video referee in 2018
Dec 22 2017 12:29 am CET

UCI to test video referee in 2018
UCI to test video referee in 2018
Photo by ASO/A.Broadway

Cycling will become the next sport to use video refereeing. Decisions taking into consideration different video feeds will be applied in several races in 2018.

The UCI has taken the decision to use this technology from 2018 as a test. "The video jury will be at the finish line," said UCI Belgian commissaire Guy Dobbelaere to Dutch broadcaster NOS. "That jury will get to see the images of all the cameras and also will have access to images that don't come to the television."

The commissaire explained that this will allow different decisions to be made during the course instead of after the finish. "Take for example what happened with Gianni Moscon, who during the World Championships got towed by the team car for too long," he commented. "He was disqualified after the race, but what would have happened if he would have become the world champion? With the video referee we could take him out of the race before the end."

The first time the video referee will be used will be at Milan-Sanremo, then in the Tour de Flanders, Paris-Roubaix, Liege-Bastogne-Liege, the three Grand Tours and the World Championships of Innsbruck.

"The first year will be a test phase, so it won't be applied in all the races. But if the results are satisfactory, it would be nice if we can use it in all the races of the WorldTour calendar in 2019," Dobbelaere explained.

The UCI has appointed four jury members as video referees, from four different countries. Considering that the person will be in the national television broadcaster truck at the end of the race/stage it is useful if they speak the local language. As such, the jury members will be from France, Italy, Spain and Belgium.



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