Patrick Bevin to miss New Zealand National Championships
Jan 02 2018 12:55 pm CET

Patrick Bevin to miss New Zealand National Championships
Patrick Bevin to miss New Zealand National Championships
Photo of Patrick Bevin by Chris Auld Photography

BMC Racing Team's Patrick Bevin will miss the New Zealand National Championships due to a crash he suffered while training.

The New Zealander had an accident in his home country on December 30. "Patrick crashed on a descent in training and was taken to hospital for examination which revealed a deep contusion on his right elbow and some road rash," said the team's Chief Medical Officer Max Testa.

"Luckily, he did not suffer a concussion and the injuries were quite isolated. Although a skin graft was initially considered, the elbow only required stitches."

The rider will have to rest for some days and will miss the National Championships of New Zealand. "Patrick will need to stay off the bike for five to seven days before resuming his normal training load," the doctor added. "Unfortunately, this rules him out of the New Zealand National Time Trial and Road Race Championships but at this stage, he should be fine to race at the Santos Tour Down Under the week after. We will continue to monitor his recovery in the next week but we expect Patrick to recover quickly."

Bevin said that the result of the crash could have been a lot worse. "I hit a melted piece of tar on the road which sent me flying over my handlebars without any warning and I landed on my right elbow," he commented.

"I'm not feeling too bad but I'm a bit gutted about it because you never want to crash in training. I was going fairly quickly so I'm a bit banged up but I'm pretty lucky considering it was a big, wide, and fast piece of road."

The rider will make his debut with BMC at the Santos Tour Down Under.



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