Team Sunweb unveils rainbow kit for Tom Dumoulin
Feb 20 2018 06:44 pm CET

Team Sunweb unveils rainbow kit for Tom Dumoulin
Team Sunweb unveils rainbow kit for Tom Dumoulin
Tom Dumoulin wearing the rainbow kit

Team Sunweb has unveiled the rainbow kit of world time trial champion Tom Dumoulin.

The Dutchman won the time trial title in Bergen, Norway, and is set to showcase his new colours at the time trial of the upcoming Abu Dhabi Tour.

"I am very proud of what I have achieved and to have the opportunity to wear the rainbow jersey for this year is something very special to me," Dumoulin said.

The kit is the result of the partnership between the team, the Delft University of Technology and DSM, and their investment in "product development, wind tunnel testing, bike fitting and data analysis", the press statement reads.

Sunweb believes that it has found a good balance between team interests and expectations from the UCI. "With the presentation of the 2018 suit, Team Sunweb continue their call for progression and remain committed to creating a healthy and fair position for riders and their teams.

"As those who bring the sport alive for fans, riders and their teams deserve a fair and genuine voice in decision-making and the future economical perspective, holding firm their belief that this should be equally balanced with the interests of other stakeholders in the sport.

"The protection of the look and feel of the team’s identity versus a growing number of mandatory jerseys, rider’s safety and stability for riders and teams are examples, alongside many more important decisions potentially impacting the future of teams and their riders, of which they deserve a fair voice. The team appreciates the dialogue with the UCI about this subject."

Dumoulin himself appreciates the team's approach. "I fully support the team’s efforts to improve our position as riders and as a team," he said. “The kit looks really great and is balanced, I will certainly wear it with pride this year."




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