Successful surgery for Marianne Vos after collarbone fracture
Apr 23 2018 11:48 pm CET

Successful surgery for Marianne Vos after collarbone fracture
Successful surgery for Marianne Vos after collarbone fracture
Photo of Marianne Vos by WaowDeals Pro Cycling Team

WaowDeals cyclist Marianne Vos has successfully undergone surgery to her fractured collarbone following a crash suffered at Liege-Bastogne-Liege.

The Dutchwoman crashed along with teammate Jeanne Korevaar. Both went on to finish the race but Vos was later confirmed to have suffered more serious injuries than Korevaar.

"We were with a strong WaowDeals-block perfectly in the race," Vos explained. "La Redoute was tough, I must say, but we were doing all right. It was going hard in the run-up to the next climb, the Roche-Aux-Faucons as everyone wanted to be well positioned.

"There was a crash on the left-side of the road in a short descent. I was on the other side and saw Jeanne (Korevaar, red.) take a tumble in a soft turn to the right. The group was startled which made me crash and roll-over, landing on my right-hand side."

The resulting pain was not enough reason for Vos to abandon the race. "A rider wants to keep going and so do I. I got up after the crash and the pain was not too bad. I switched bikes at the team car and continued the race. I noticed that pulling on the handlebar did not go very well. I felt at that moment that something was not right.

"After the race, I had a check-up in the team bus, after which I went to the hospital in Maastricht for a scan where the fracture was confirmed. I then had surgery at a specialist in Amersfoort (the Netherlands). The procedure went very well – it’s nice that people wanted to help so quickly. I have to take it easy for a couple of days. Depending on the pain, I can then cautiously start training on the Tacx."

As a result of this crash, Vos will miss the GP Elsy Jacobs, the Trofee Maarten Wijnants and the Wielerfestival of Aalburg. The rider expects to be back on track for the bigger races later this year.



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