Tom Bohli: Finishing second is maybe the biggest feeling of disappointment
Apr 24 2018 08:19 pm CET

Tom Bohli: Finishing second is maybe the biggest feeling of disappointment
Tom Bohli: Finishing second is maybe the biggest feeling of disappointment
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BMC Racing Team's Tom Bohli was second at the prologue of the Tour de Romandie. The Swiss fell to the second position after spending some time in the hot seat.

The rider started the race in his home country by completing the time trial in five minutes and 34 seconds. "I did my personal best today," he commented. "I did everything I could out there. This is my first time trial of the year so I was pretty nervous coming into it. I felt like I had a really good ride. I had to brake a little bit behind a moto which was maybe the low point of the race for me.

"However, I don't think I have ever been as calm as I was five minutes before the start of the race and also at the bottom of the climb. I'm not sure why but I paced my race perfectly. At the top of the climb, I was tired but not at my limit so I could go a little bit harder towards the line."

One second separated the result of Bohli from the one of his teammate, Australian TT champion Rohan Dennis. "I thought to myself that if I was still sitting here after Rohan Dennis passed, the chance of taking victory was super high but in the end, it wasn't meant to be," Bohli explained.

"Finishing second is maybe the biggest feeling of disappointment. When you are third, you are just happy to be on the podium and then if you're fourth it's the same feeling as when you're second. I'm feeling a bit sad that I didn't bring it home as it was so close to the end but of course, I am really happy that I did a good prologue.

"I think I have now taken a big step forward in terms of my self-confidence because I was always fighting with that last year. It's great to be in the white jersey and I want to show it off at the front of the bunch. You will see me there riding for my teammates this week."



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