American cyclist Jacquelyn Crowell passes away after battling brain tumour
Apr 26 2018 06:55 pm CET

American cyclist Jacquelyn Crowell passes away after battling brain tumour
American cyclist Jacquelyn Crowell passes away after battling brain tumour
Photo by ASO/A.Broadway

The former UnitedHealthcare cyclist Jackie Crowell has lost her battle against a brain tumour.

"Today, beloved pro cyclist Jacquelyn Crowell passed away after battling a brain tumor," wrote USA Cycling on Twitter. "She made a huge impact on the cycling community as well as the fight to cure cancer. She will be greatly missed and we send our deepest sympathies to her friends, family, and teammates."

The tumor was discovered in October 2013, during a training camp with the US national team pursuit program. "We came back from a long ride, a long road ride, and I had some twitching. Fortunately, Cari Higgins was right there with me, and she called the medics. I've known Cari for a while – she's actually my trade team teammate on UnitedHealthcare – so we're very close. I thought it was MS, actually, because of the twitching," Crowell told CyclingNews back in 2014.

However, what the doctors found was a grade IV gliosarcoma, an aggressive tumour in the brain that left her with little chance of surviving.

Crowell told USA Cycling in 2014: "The type of cancer I have has no cure and very minimal treatment. Cancer is not something that just sick old people get; it’s something that I got and that millions of other people get who are perfectly healthy. Something needs to be done about that."

She underwent surgery to remove as much of the tumour as possible. After the surgery she had to go through a long recovery process, needing to re-learn how to walk and ride a bike. Despite all this she stayed positive and showed remarkable character. "Positive attitude is something that you choose to have," she says. "Yeah, I have cancer, but I have to wake up every morning and be happy that I’m alive."

Unfortunately Jacquelyn Crowell has lost her final race on Wednesday, the toughest and most unfair battle anyone can ever fight.

We at CyclingPub want to express our sincere condolences to the friends and family of Jacquelyn Crowell.

By Siebe Kok




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