Gonzalo Najar's team claims procedure goes against UCI rules
May 08 2018 07:36 pm CET

Gonzalo Najar's team claims procedure goes against UCI rules
Gonzalo Najar's team claims procedure goes against UCI rules
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Gonzalo Najar's team, SEP, denies any doping use by the rider and claims that the procedure against the rider goes against the UCI rules.

The winner of the 2018 Vuelta a San Juan tested positive for CERA (third generation EPO) in a sample that was taken on the first day of the competition. But his team claims that the procedure was done in a wrong way and doesn't accept the result confirmed by the UCI.

"We are working hard to show that the procedure done to Gonzalo Najar goes against the rules of the UCI and doesn't help the fight against doping, but produces distrust in an entity that should represent all the contrary," said the team in a press release.

The formation explained that the test was done after the opening of the B test of Najar without the authorization of the rider in a move that the team considers "inapplicable, inadmissible and illegal, without any legal or scientific base."

The UCI explained that the Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation (CAFD) had to open the B sample because the A sample did not contain enough urine to be tested, which shows a problem in the collecting procedure of the sample. The official should have repeated the procedure up to three times and if after that it was still insufficient, it should have been in the records of the Doping Control officer. The team claims nothing of that happened.

The cycling governing body then opened the B sample to complete the A sample and saved the remainings as a B sample, which would have to be tested in case of an adverse result. "Without any legal ground, the intention is to impose a procedure that is not in any kind of regulation, not of the UCI, the CADF or the WADA. The note of the UCI makes clear that they are trying to fix or ignore an error made by an official during the sample taking," said the team.

"The division of the B sample was an illegal and unlawful action, there is no rule that allows it and hence we oppose its opening and division. This division shows a new danger in the rights of the rider and creates the possibility that it gets contaminated during the opening, division and storage in a new container. It is known that manipulating a sample doesn't exclude the possibility of contamination or deterioration of the sample."

For the team there is now only one solution to this episode. "We will work tirelessly for the justice to determine that the procedure is completely invalid and that the CADF and the UCI have caused with this action damage to the rights and dignity of the rider and the team," it explained.

About Gaston Javier's testosterone adverse result, the team commented that they are working to prove that those amounts of the hormone were produced naturally.



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