UCI boss David Lappartient suggests six riders per team in grand tours
Aug 01 2018 05:37 am CET

UCI boss David Lappartient suggests six riders per team in grand tours
UCI boss David Lappartient suggests six riders per team in grand tours
Photo of David Lappartient © FFC

UCI President David Lappartent has suggested the option of reducing the amount of riders per team to six in grand tours, hoping that this would add excitement to the races.

The amount of riders representing each team was already brought back from nine to eight for the current season, but the Frenchman believes that a further reduction is worth considering. He said that in an interview with Switzerland's 'Le Temps'.

"I think that a reduction to six would really have an effect," he said. "With seven riders, for example, a team like Sky would continue to dominate.

"With six riders, a team leader would only have five teammates left to support him, so he will get tired faster. At the same time, more teams would be able to take part in order to ensure a respectable size of the peloton."

Lappartient is considering more options, however. "We are researching this, because there are many different factors. Should we ban radio communication and power meters? Should we reconsider the amount of stages? We have to analyse everything."

Initial reactions from cyclists don't appear to support the possibility of further reducing the amount of riders. Tom Dumoulin, second at both the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France this season, doesn't think it would have a positive impact.

"Six is too few. At some point that won't have an effect any more. We shouldn't want to do this. Eight is fine," he told Dutch regional TV channel L1.

"I'd be fine with them banning radio communication though," he added. "It doesn't add a lot and I think it would make the races more interesting. Riders would have to think for themselves again. We have it and I use it, but they can ban it as far as I am concerned."

Belgian Thomas De Gendt voiced his concern on Twitter.

"Only 65km stages, no trainingcamps allowed, no dinners, no feedzones, only 2 bottles per day, max 2000 calories per day. Cyclists can’t draft for longer than 20 seconds. Only 4 gears allowed. No brakes, F1 starts everyday and pepperspray before each start," he wrote.




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