Richie Porte, hinting at team exit, to lead BMC at Vuelta a España
Aug 20 2018 11:53 pm CET

Richie Porte, hinting at team exit, to lead BMC at Vuelta a España
Richie Porte, hinting at team exit, to lead BMC at Vuelta a España
Photo of Richie Porte by the A.S.O.

Richie Porte is set to headline the BMC Racing Team roster for the upcoming Vuelta a España. This will be the first race for the Australian after his Tour de France crash.

The rider sustained a fracture in the right clavicle after crashing out of the Tour de France in the ninth stage. He will test his condition and will decide day by day the approach he will take on the grand tour.

"Of course, I would like to do well in my last Grand Tour for BMC Racing Team but you never know where your form is when you haven't had an ideal run into a race," Porte commented. "After crashing out of the Tour de France, I had to have some time off and it took me a while to get back to work due to my injuries. I have put in some good training since then but I won't be lining up in the shape I was in before the Tour de France.

"At first, I think I will definitely be taking the race day-by-day. The last week is pretty hard so you don't know what could happen there but, we have a great team lining up with lots of good options. There's definitely also a carrot dangling in front of me at the Vuelta with the UCI World Championships being a climber's course so it will be good preparation for that."

Porte will have the support of other riders that can also make a difference at certain stages. "We know that Rohan Dennis is very motivated for both time trials and that he has the ability to achieve success on those particular stages if not more throughout the race," said BMC's sports director Jackson Stewart. "With Alessandro De Marchi, Nicolas Roche and Francisco Ventoso on the team, we have three riders who have all won individual stages of the Vuelta a España and not only do they bring this experience with them but they also have the strength to try something this year if the opportunity presents itself.

"Dylan Teuns, Brent Bookwalter and Joey Rosskopf are also all coming into the race in good form and I think we can expect to see strong efforts from them in the breakaways. Overall, we are looking forward to our last Vuelta a España as BMC Racing Team and particularly with this group of riders, all of whom have played such a big role in the team's success over the past few years."

BMC Racing Team's complete roster for the Vuelta a España (25th of August-16th of September):

Richie Porte
Brent Bookwalter
Alessandro De Marchi
Rohan Dennis
Nicolas Roche
Joey Rosskopf
Dylan Teuns
Francisco Ventoso




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