Sheyla Gutierrez decides to put an end to her 2018 season
Sep 14 2018 05:47 am CET

Sheyla Gutierrez decides to put an end to her 2018 season
Sheyla Gutierrez decides to put an end to her 2018 season
Photo by ASO/Thomas MAHEUX

Cylance Pro Cycling's Sheyla Gutierrez has decided to put an end to her season after attempting to recover from a crash she suffered last June.

The rider was hit by a car in Logroño and even though she was working to appear at the Madrid Challenge by La Vuelta, she has given up on her season.

"The truth is that I haven't felt good since the crash," she commented to the Spanish news agency EFE. "Right now I'm feeling better and I have been able to go back to the bike because I don't suffer from dizziness anymore."

Since the crash, Gutierrez has suffered from different kinds of problems like blurry sight, headaches and dizziness. The rider has been having trouble since the beginning of the season because of asthma and several crashes, and that adds to the decision of putting an end to her cycling year.

"The truth is that I haven't given the crashes the importance they deserved but they add one after the other and I started to notice that I wasn't feeling good and on top of that after the crash, I suffered a lot on the bike," she explained.

The 2018 season hasn't been all bad for the rider and included victories at the Tour of Zhoushan Island and the Panorama Guizhou International. She also led the mountain classification at the Giro Rosa during two stages. "It is true that I've done things this season, but not everything that I wanted to do because I didn't enjoy being on the bike," the Spaniard added.

After going through medical examinations that have ruled out further troubles, Gutierrez will start preparing her 2018 season in October. "Now I just want to think about next year, but after taking a break of a couple weeks. I will prepare for it as best as possible."



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