CPA's presidential elections keep stirring up emotions among the riders
Sep 18 2018 02:22 am CET

CPA's presidential elections keep stirring up emotions among the riders
CPA's presidential elections keep stirring up emotions among the riders
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The Association of Professional Cyclists, Cyclistes Profesionnels Associes (CPA), will hold an assembly on the 27th and 28th of September in which the new president will be elected. Riders are not happy with the voting options for these elections.

The assembly will take place in Mutters, Tyrol, very close to the place where the World Championships of Innsbruck are going to take place. In order to vote, the riders are required to attend the assembly, except the ones that belong to national associations linked to the CPA.

This means that riders that are not taking part in the World Championships would have to travel to Austria in order to vote or their voices will not be heard, and many will have to be solely represented by their local associations. As this stands, many riders have shown their discontent with the way the elections are presenting themselves.

Riders from France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal and the United States don't have an independent vote as their associations will make the choice for them. The candidates for the elections are current CPA President Gianni Bugno and former rider David Millar.

The CPA defends its position by saying that the moment the riders showed their concerns, it was already too late to make any changes in the way of voting. "The CPA has nothing against the electronic vote, but it is not possible to apply it a few weeks before the election," it said in a statement.

"To change an established voting method it is necessary to give guarantees on the integrity and validity of new methods, to avoid manipulations of any kind and this involves time, costs, technologies that cannot be put in place a few weeks before the vote."

More recently, the social media profiles of the association posted an opinion piece of the Ministry of Justice of Finland that states that "online voting should not be introduced in general elections as its risks are greater than its benefits," this in regard of the possibility of introducing online voting in the country.

This was answered by some unhappy riders. "I don't think voting for a CPA president has to be anonymous," tweeted Trek-Segafredo's Koen de Kort. "I strongly suspect it never has been. The votes will be verifiable. The main problem mentioned in this article is therefore non-existent. Furthermore, there will be a massive increase in voter turnout so also the second point mentioned in the article doesn't apply to us. Or can I vote walking distance from my house? Why even link this article?"

"Then the question is how to allow EVERYONE to vote? Having a vote 3 days before the World Championships, the exact day most pro riders fly-in is also not the best option," commented Rory Sutherland (UAE Team Emirates). "Instead of finding reasons not to let riders have their say, why don't we find ways to work together?"

Katusha-Alpecin's Nathan Haas was a bit more daring in his criticism of the CPA's decision. "I hope you don’t let us vote. Because we don’t need you, we have us, we pay you. Therefore, we might just cut that relationship and create join our own union. We’d prefer to work with you, but don’t test us. We’re much more organized than you think.

"The CPA will argue that we are running a Coup. They will argue that they represent us. They argue the union is healthy. Well, it’s not a coup, we’re just tired of them siding with UCI and race promoters. Only 6 nations are represented and our retirement fund is insolvent. More than just disenfranchising the peloton by not letting us vote for OUR PRESIDENT. Only 6 nations are represented on the board of directors. But all riders from all nationalities have to fund the CPA.

Taxation without Representation!

Globalization of cycling am I right?"

Other riders like Chris Froome, Luke Rowe, Daniel Martin, Connor Dunne and Daryl Impey have also complained about the elections.




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