BMC takes bronze at World Championships TTT: It's not the way we wanted to go out
Sep 24 2018 02:00 am CET

BMC takes bronze at World Championships TTT: It's not the way we wanted to go out
BMC takes bronze at World Championships TTT: It's not the way we wanted to go out
Photo BMC Racing Team © Mary Cárdenas /

BMC Racing Team stepped on the third position of the podium at the team time trial of the World Championships of Innsbruck.

The American formation was on the podium at most of the team time trials of the World Championships, except at the event in Florence in 2013. "I think it went to plan and I suppose it was like every World Championships that we haven't won," said Sports Director Jackson Stewart. "We executed our plan perfectly but there was just a stronger team. Quick-Step Floors was just stronger from the top of the climb to the finish and that's where we lost time. We still don't know how but clearly they went faster than us.

"We did everything we could and I think we did really well. We did a good recon, we paced it right, we did the climb well and somewhere from there to the finish we lost time. Of course, everyone is disappointed but if we look back, we have either won or at least been on the podium at almost, if not all, the Team Time Trial World Championships that have happened. It's not the way we wanted to go out but it was still a respectable effort."

This was the last team time trial of Rohan Dennis with the team and even though they didn't win, they executed well the plan. "I think we could have maybe gotten closer to Quick-Step Floors at the finish but you never know," the rider commented. "We thought that with Stefan being the bigger guy, it was important to use him over the flatter section before the climb.

"It would have been the perfect situation if we had got to the top of the climb with six guys who were all flying but, in reality, it was never going to happen and we thought that the best option was to use Stefan's strength for our benefit and get everything out of him that we possibly could and keep the rest of us a little fresher for the climb and the final."



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