Victor Campenaerts performs Hour Record test
Sep 30 2018 02:29 pm CET

Victor Campenaerts performs Hour Record test
Victor Campenaerts performs Hour Record test
Photo of Victor Campenaerts by Lotto Soudal

European time trial champion Victor Campenaerts has done tests for the Hour Record. The Belgian rode for half an hour to see if it would be possible for him to make an attempt at this competition.

Campenaerts travelled to the Swiss town of Grenchen just after taking the bronze medal at the individual time trial of the World Championships of Innsbruck. There he did some specific training sessions and did a half hour test to see how many kilometres he could do, the results were satisfying.

"In my opinion, the test went well," he commented. "During half an hour, I managed to maintain an average speed of 54.8 kilometres an hour. Of course, I realize that 30 minutes at such a pace is a big difference to maintaining it for the entire hour. There will still be a lot of work to actually break the hour record. Before this test, two different scenarios were possible. On the one hand, the test could be disappointing and the project would be postponed, most likely until after the Olympic Games of 2020 in Tokyo.

"On the other hand, the result of the test could be positive and I would, together with the team, evaluate if planning an attack on the hour record would be possible in the short run. However, this doesn’t mean within weeks, or even months, more than likely in the course of 2019. So, the fact that the test went well, doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be an immediate attempt to break the record. But of course, it’s a promising sign."

For Campenaerts, the test showed good signs of his performance. "At the moment, I’m in an excellent shape thanks to my participation in the Vuelta and my build-up to the World Championships," Campenaerts explained. "There hasn’t been any specific preparation for this test.

"So, there’s still a margin for improvement, in terms of training as well as location. So let’s not be too confident and let’s certainly not jump to conclusions. It was simply a good sign that the simulation went well. We will, within the team and at an appropriate time, evaluate when a possible attack on the hour record will be possible."

The current holder of the Hour Record is Bradley Wiggins.




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