Giacomo Nizzolo forced to immediately finish 2018 season
Oct 03 2018 05:46 pm CET

Giacomo Nizzolo forced to immediately finish 2018 season
Giacomo Nizzolo forced to immediately finish 2018 season

Trek-Segafredo's Giacomo Nizzolo has been forced to prematurely finish his 2018 season. The rider had a crash at the Tour de l'Eurometropole on the 22nd of September and suffered several injuries.

The Italian rider has been on the bike after the crash but further examinations showed injuries that will need time to recover from. "Giacomo was involved in a massive crash at the Tour de l’Eurométropole," said the team's physician Gaetano Daniele.

"Last week, during his bike training, he was still feeling pain in the hip and in the groin. We decided yesterday to perform an MRI that revealed two microfractures in the right acetabulum region. Unfortunately, this means that Giacomo will be off the bike for three weeks and cannot participate in the planned races in Italy and China."

The rider was set to start at the Hammer Series in Hong Kong, as well as some end of season Italian races. "Every time you end a season with a crash, of course, it's not ideal," Nizzolo commented. "Coming off the Vuelta in good shape, I would have liked to exploit it at the best in the final races of the season. The blow in Belgium has been quite severe though, I felt that right away, but we had to wait and see for a few days how my injuries would evolve. Today I got the results of the further examinations we undertook and unluckily I have two microfractures that don't really leave me much of a choice.

"I am of course very sad that I won’t be able to race in the Hammer Series in Hong Kong and in the two races in Italy, Beghelli and Tre Valli, which were for me a real goal after finishing the Vuelta in such a good condition. It’s a pity, but I will focus on my recovery now and I will just anticipate the period of rest I had planned after the season and will restart training earlier to build up for what's next."



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