Max Sciandri: We have to make Nairo Quintana regain his confidence
Nov 18 2018 10:52 pm CET

Max Sciandri: We have to make Nairo Quintana regain his confidence
Max Sciandri: We have to make Nairo Quintana regain his confidence
Photo of Nairo Quintana

Max Sciandri will be one of the Sports Directors of Movistar for the 2019 season and he's already looking at the things that can be done at the team for the upcoming campaign.

Sciandri will be one of the men in charge of bringing Nairo Quintana to a level at which he can fight for the general classification at the Tour de France. The sports director thinks the Colombian still has what it takes to win a grand tour.

"Nairo has the option of winning the Tour, but we have to think that we have three good riders that can do it," said Sciandri to Colombian newspaper El Tiempo. "We have to define the work that each of them will do, the options that they have, and the calendar, but I'm convinced that Nairo can win the Tour, he has been close and has shown that he has the condition to do it.

"We also have to analyse the rivals and all of us look at Sky, the team that has dominated the Tour in the last years. For 2019 they will have a problem because they will bring two leaders and that doesn't work well. It is better if they would take only one."

For Sciandri, Quintana requires specific work to win the Tour de France. "We have to make him regain the confidence. We have to talk to him. I've seen him win several times and he is one of the big riders at the moment, and he has the legs to win again. I think he has a lot of talent and I want to help him win races.

"I have experience in British cycling and also in Italy. I have also spent six years at BMC and I think I can bring something different to the team. This year, three British riders have won the three grand tours and I know that process, that's why I consider that I can bring my experience to form a good team."




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