Vuelta CV Feminas to have equal prize money for the winner of its first edition
Dec 14 2018 02:42 am CET

Vuelta CV Feminas to have equal prize money for the winner of its first edition
Vuelta CV Feminas to have equal prize money for the winner of its first edition
Photo by ASO/Thomas MAHEUX

The first edition of the Vuelta a la Comunidad Valenciana Feminas is set to have the same prize money that is stipulated by the UCI for the men's races of the same category.

The Spanish race, which will be held at the last day of the Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana, will have a total of 6650 euros for prizes and will have a prize for the winner that is eight times more than what the UCI requires for this kind of competition.

The UCI has imposed a prize of a bit more of 300 euros for the winner of a 1.2 race of the women's calendar, while the same category of the men's races stipulates a total of 2435 euros. The Spanish race, the Asociacion Prociclismo and the provincial government of Valencia want to eliminate the inequality of the prize money by given the women the same prize that is asked for the men.

The council member Isabel García welcomes this news. "This is the product of an association that takes into account the gender perspective and that has bet on the creation of a pioneer race at the international level that is directed by a woman, something that is not common," she commented. "Institutions have to support this fight for equality in which we are all responsible."

Former rider and director of the CV Feminas Silvia Tirado is excited about the possibility of giving equal prize money at the end of the competition. "In women's cycling we are used to the economic inequality and that's is why I'm so happy about becoming a pioneer race on the matter," she explained,

"The women will enjoy of the same infrastructure as the men, the same distance and the same television coverage with Eurosport. I think we can't ask more for a race that is giving its first steps. The objective is to go step by step fighting for the equality and make this CV Feminas grow."



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