Mathew Hayman to remain at Mitchelton-Scott after retirement
Dec 21 2018 06:45 am CET

Mathew Hayman to remain at Mitchelton-Scott after retirement
Mathew Hayman to remain at Mitchelton-Scott after retirement

Mathew Hayman is set to remain at Mitchelton-Scott after he finishes his career as a professional rider. His new position will allow him to experience all aspects of the business side of the sport.

The winner of the 2016 Paris-Roubaix will retire from cycling at the Tour Down Under in January and will move into a 'Special Projects' position for the remainder of the year. The team will be able to profit from the experience of the 40-year-old and he will have a role that includes different aspects of the sport like mentoring, directing and technical advising, as well as sponsorship and marketing.

"There were times that I did think I could walk away from the sport, but in some ways I think who I am to give away this knowledge without helping someone," said the Australian. "Not only will that will help me go from athlete to the normal world, but I think I can help make a difference to the careers of some young riders too.

"I probably could have spent more time planning but you are so focused on your career that before you know it, you're nearing the end. Not knowing what is going to suit me and having this opportunity from the team to be able to test the waters on a few different fronts, I am pretty thankful for. That's not an opportunity everyone gets, and I'm really going to relish being able to try some mentoring, maybe some DS races here and there, and working on the sponsorship side as well."

Hayman will use his experience to test what kind of position would suit him better in the future. "The big advantage now is that it is all still fresh. In five or ten years' time, I will be more removed from the sport," he explained. "I will still have the knowledge and my experiences but it's the next 12months when it'll still be really fresh – it'll be just weeks or months ago that I was racing myself. While it's so fresh, I think we need to try and use it.

"If I could use that knowledge and help see someone else achieve something they didn't think they were capable of, that would be a success for me."




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