One-day races and classics to be main objectives for De la Cruz, Rowe and Van Baarle
Jan 10 2019 03:19 am CET

One-day races and classics to be main objectives for De la Cruz, Rowe and Van Baarle
One-day races and classics to be main objectives for De la Cruz, Rowe and Van Baarle
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Team Sky's David de la Cruz, Luke Rowe and Dylan van Baarle will have Classics and one-week races as their objectives for 2019.

De la Cruz just finished a season in which he led Sky's squad in the Vuelta a España, in an experience that gave him many lessons. Now the rider wants to explore other kinds of races and the possibilities they offer.

"If you don't have goals it's really difficult to find the motivation to give your best and to train hard," the Spaniard commented. "The first thing I always say is that I want to keep improving. It's something which will forever be a goal, and every year you have to look at areas you can improve. It's what makes you hungry to pursue your dreams. If there's one thing I would like to achieve this year it's to try to win an overall GC in a one-week stage race.

"In the past, I've been close several times – fourth, third, second – and so this year I'm looking to do it. It's the first step towards doing the GC in a big Tour – doing really well in a one-week race, and then once you've passed this test you can go into a big Tour with more confidence and have something in the pocket which makes you push to go for it."

Rowe will start his season in Australia but he has his eyes on the cobbles. "I definitely want to get more out of the Classics," he explained. "I don't feel like I've reached my full potential and fully shown myself there. The years are ticking by. It's not like I'm a new kid on the block anymore. I'm entering my eighth year as a pro.

"Last year I finished Roubaix in an ambulance and Flanders with 50km to go, disqualified. It just didn't really go to plan at all. The year before I crashed heavily in Flanders while in the front group. That's the Classics for you. You're getting in crashes, wrong place wrong time, while in previous years I was always right place, right time.

"Hopefully I can have a year when it all comes together. The form falls right on the day and we can go out there and do something special, either me or as a team. I've still got a massive focus on the Classics and I've got a lot more to give there. Hopefully, I can get a result somewhere along the line - but that's easier said than done, right?"

Van Baarle is also focusing on the Classics in his second season at Sky, particularly on one of his favourites: the Tour of Flanders. "I'm really looking forward to the Classics, of course," the Dutchman commented. "That's what I think about at the beginning of the winter. It's something special and it has a place in my heart - especially Flanders. The Ronde van Vlaanderen is one of my favourite races and one I always think about. I want to get a result.

"My main goal is, of course, the Classics and my second goal will be trying to make Tour selection. They will be my two key goals. The injury is totally healed now. We worked really hard to come back and I'm really happy that I'm able to ride again. I was in a lot of pain after La Vuelta but now we look forward to the coming season."




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