Fabio Parra to work on the development of new Colombian athletes
Jan 10 2019 08:00 am CET

Fabio Parra to work on the development of new Colombian athletes
Fabio Parra to work on the development of new Colombian athletes
Photo by ASO/A.Broadway

Colombian former cyclist Fabio Parra has been chosen as the director of the Sports Institute of the region of Boyaca. After a talk with Nairo Quintana, the ex-cyclist accepted the position.

Many of the renowned professional cyclists of Colombia have been born in the Colombian region of Boyaca. In addition to the most recent stars like Quintana, Sebastian Molano and Miguel Angel Lopez, historical figures like Parra himself, Jose Patrocinio Jimenez and Mauricio Soler, were also born and raised in this part of the Colombian mountains.

Parra was the first South American to step on the podium of the Tour de France in 1988 and he wants to help young athletes to reach the highest positions of the world sports, which took him to take the position on the Sports Institute of Boyaca.

"The National Games will be one of my main objectives in this job, but I can't forget about the sports education, the development of new talents and the search for new talents to replace in the future great sportsmen like are Nairo and Miguel Angel Lopez in cycling," Parra commented.

"I would also like to pay special attention to the facilities for sports, for the youth, for the senior citizens and children."

The governor of Boyaca welcomed Parra in his new position. "Beyond doing one event to recognise the work of our cyclists, the appointment of Fabio Parra in Indeportes Boyaca is a decision to strengthen sports in the region," Carlos Amaya explained.

"Athletes are the ones that know how sports work on the inside and what they need and I think it has been a historic mistake in Colombia to leave them out of the institutions."

Parra will host his first event as the director with a cycling tour in the city of Sogamoso that will have the presence of Quintana, Lopez and Movistar's Winner Anacona, as well as amateur and junior riders.



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